Forest Adaptation Resources

Forest Adaptation Resources: Climate Change Tools and Approaches for Land Managers provides a suite of materials that enables land managers to consider climate change and to develop actions for making forests better able to cope with climate change impacts. It does not provide specific recommendations, but rather serves as a decision-support tool for incorporating adaptation considerations into current management objectives.


Download the full report and individual chapters here (external link).

Forest Adaptation Resources builds upon the other components of the Climate Change Response Framework to provide broad information and ideas on adaptation that are relevant to forests throughout the eastern US and beyond. Currently, it also provides a wealth of considerations specific to northern Wisconsin, the region in which it was originally developed. A expanded version is in development and will include information for all of the projects within the Climate Change Response Framework.

The ideas, tools, and resources presented in the different chapters are intended to inform and support existing decisionmaking processes of multiple organizations with diverse management goals. It does not provide recommendations, but rather serves as a decision-support tool. Four inter-related chapters include:

  1. a description of the Climate Change Response Framework
  2. a "menu" of adaptation strategies and approaches
  3. an adaptation workbook process for incorporating climate change information into forest management planning and activities
  4. two examples that illustrate how the Forest Adaptation Resources were implemented in northern Wisconsin

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