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The Northern Institute of Applied Climate Science (NIACS) coordinates all Climate Change Response Framework projects in conjunction with our many partners. Learn more about NIACS.

Please contact the appropriate project coordinator for your region with any questions about the website or the Framework Project.

  • Chris Swanston - director of NIACS

    Chris Swanston

    NIACS Director

    (906) 482-6303 ext.1320

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    Chris Swanston is a research ecologist at the Forest Service Northern Research Station, and is director of the Northern Institute of Applied Climate Science. Chris has been the Project Lead for the Climate Change Response Framework projects since the pilot began in 2009. Visit Chris' profile.
  • Leslie Brandt - coordinator for Central Hardwoods

    Leslie Brandt

    (651) 649-5016

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    Leslie Brandt is the coordinator for the Central Hardwoods Climate Change Response Framework, serving the states of Illinois, Indiana, and Missouri. Leslie is also the coordinator of the Urban Climate Change Response Framework. Leslie has been working on climate change adaptation and outreach with NIACS since 2009. Visit Leslie's profile.
  • Patricia Butler

    Patricia (Butler) Leopold

    (906) 482-6303 ext.1312

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    Patricia Leopold is the coordinator for the Climate Change Response Framework in the Central Appalachians (OH, WV, MD) and the Mid-Atlantic (PA, NY, NJ, DE, MD). Patricia has been working to develop climate change tools and resources with NIACS since 2009. Visit Patricia's profile.
  • Stephen Handler

    Stephen Handler

    (906) 482-6303 ext.1321

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    Stephen Handler is the coordinator for the Northwoods Climate Change Response Framework, focusing on the states of Minnesota, Wisconsin, and Michigan. Before joining NIACS in 2011, Stephen worked for 3 years in the areas of forest carbon assessment and climate change mitigation. Visit Stephen's profile.
  • Maria Janowiak

    Maria Janowiak

    (906) 482-6303 ext.1329

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    Maria Janowiak is the coordinator for the New England Climate Change Response Framework, serving the states of New York, Vermont, New Hampshire, Maine, Massachusetts, Connecticut, and Rhode Island. Maria has been working with land managers on issues related to climate change and adaptation since 2007. Visit Maria's profile.
  • Danielle Shannon

    (906) 482-6303 ext.1325

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    Danielle Shannon is the coordinator of the USDA Northern Forests Climate Hub. Danielle connects audiences to forest adaptation resources and experts (like the Framework and other NIACS projects) across the eastern US. Danielle is expanding the suite of NIACS adaptation resources into the field of forest hydrology and the management of forested watersheds. Visit Danielle's profile.