Climate Change Science Applications and Needs in Forest Ecosystem Management: A Workshop Organized as Part of the Northern Wisconsin Climate Change Response Framework Project

Climate change is leading to direct and indirect impacts on forest tree species and ecosystems in northern Wisconsin. Land managers will need to prepare for and respond to these impacts, so we designed a workshop to identify forest management approaches that can enhance the ability of ecosystems in northern Wisconsin to cope with climate change and address how National Forests and other lands could be used to test these approaches. The workshop had three major themes: (1) adaptation of forest management to current and expected climate change, (2) forest management to support greenhouse gas mitigation, and (3) monitoring of climate change impacts and the effectiveness of mitigation and adaptation strategies. A group of nearly 60 experts in the fields of forest science, policy, and forest resource management identifi ed place-based management approaches and new research directions that addressed these major themes.

This US Forest Service General Technical Report summarizes the workshop outcomes and can be downloaded here.